About the Author

Mike KassabMichael Kassab, Founder of Hot Matter, Author of iForce – The Accelerating Curve of Human Innovation
Welcome to Hot Matter. We invite you join us in our quest to explore and document perhaps the most incredible chapter of the human journey ever. The rate of human innovation is accelerating. New forms of innovation now pervade almost every aspect of business and our personal lives – fueled by new synergistic forces that have arisen in the early 21st Century.

From dirt floors, living in caves to exploring the depths of space, earth, body and mind we march on in search of a destiny none of us can fully grasp. What will be the legacy of our human race? Where are we headed? How will we live our lives in the future? These are some of the questions we will explore on the Hot Matter site.

Innovations Experience
I’ve spent the past 20 years discovering opportunities, developing new product and services, and implementing innovation programs for leading brands and businesses.

Most recently, as Director of Innovation for GfK North America – a global marketing research and consulting company – I was influential in driving our company’s corporate innovation strategy. My work focused on the development of new businesses for GfK. We identified and vetted hundreds of emerging marketing and insights companies all over the world for acquisitions, business partnerships and alliances. We focused on emerging technologies for: new product innovation, shopping insights, web behavior monitoring, mobile marketing, virtual stores, social media analytics, brain wave/emotions mining, and others.

For most of my working career, including the current, I have been involved in uncovering and developing the “next big thing” – helping companies create entirely new or next generation products and services. The “next big thing” is the way of the free market world, especially today. Innovation is the overriding force driving business decisions. There’s not a minute to rest because other companies are bringing new and better products to market all the time and the rate of new introductions is accelerating.

This site is dedicated to the exploration and discussion of today’s influential innovation across categories – consumer products, biotechnology, music, art, social, architecture and more. Much is happening behind the scenes – in manufacturing and within the digital infrastructure – and there are many new products and services emerging daily for the consumer. It is all shaping our lives and our destiny in ways we could not have imagined just two decades ago.

Join us in our quest to document this amazing innovations trend by registering, commenting or posting your own examples of innovation. We’d love to hear what you have experienced too.


SVP, Director of Innovation – GfK North America
Global market research and consulting firm
Innovation strategy, new revenue streams/business development, emerging digital technologies – acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnerships

Managing Director – Roper Starch, and NOP World
Global marketing research and consulting firm
Staff management, practice area development – product innovation, brand strategy, market opportunities, and shopper insights. Fact based consulting. Thought leadership programs

Market Research Consultant – Consumer Insights
Brand positioning and communications strategy, market opportunity/white space, market structure, new products and services, shopper/retail strategy, marketing and product innovation

Wilkes University – B.S. Business Administration
University of Texas at Dallas – M.S. Marketing Sciences
University of Texas at Dallas – M.A. International Business Studies