BigBelly Solar Compactor Is One Of The Latest Innovative Green Product Designs That Help Us Manage And Conserve Precious Resources

big belly solar trash compactors Solar Trashcans Are Phat
In a single year, Americans put over 251 million tons of trash to rest into landfills across the country. While this number alone is staggering, the actual amount of waste that is produced from daily trash collection by fuel-devouring trucks reveals an even more devastating number. Enter the BigBelly Solar Compactor, one of the best new green product design innovations that help clean up our environment and reduce the costs at the same time.

Innovative Green Product Designs
“Each BigBelly is a bin and compactor in one. By compacting trash on the street, the 32-gallon BigBelly can hold 150 to 200 gallons of trash. The BigBellys are powered by solar panels-they’re entirely off the grid-and send text messages to the city when they’re full, so collection trips are only made when they need to be, instead of requiring a daily drive” (Source: The Good).

Our Incredible Human Journey
SPOTTED: Innovation in action! Just two days ago, I was strolling down the boardwalk at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California and – while in search of a place to discard the remnants of my banana-Nutella crepe (DELICIOUS) – I happened to stumble upon a BigBelly!

big belly solar trash compactors
big belly solar trash compactors

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