Bio Technology Innovation – A DNA Modifed Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

dna modified apple

Latest Innovation in Biotechnology Spurs Innovative Product Design Juices
At first glance, it may look like a common apple, but upon closer inspection and a bite, you’ll realize that it is a different kind of apple. A day after eating it you may feel a little better than usual and realize it is actually super healthy apple. Wow, just think about it… eat newly created tasty foods, feel better, live longer. Wow!

Do you think this is how Gwyneth Paltrow does it? How she can be so healthy and beautiful. Does she have her own food DNA kitchen at home?! Could be true.

Ok back to the real story. According to scientists, this variety is not only tasty (similar to berries), it is even healthier than your average apple as its red flesh is richer in antioxidants. But how was it accomplished? In this case, through tried and proven methods of old fashioned cross-pollination. Do you think our capability to cross pollinate have improved in the Hot Matter era? It seems so doesn’t it?!

dna modified apple The new apple is actually called the Redlove. The Redlove was created through the cross-pollination of Royal Gala and Braeburn apples. Switzerland-based Markus Kobert spent 20 years creating the apple which Paignton company and seed specialist, Suttons, has exclusive rights to sell. The company said it already had 1,500 orders from private customers for the Redlove sapling trees.

The trees are expected to start producing fruit in their second year, and appear in supermarkets in about five years time.

The DNA of this Innovation:
What are the most prominent DNA strands that make it possible for this genetically modified apple product design innovation to have potentially huge impact on the future of nutrition?

Answer: Architecture, Aesthetics, and Ingredients

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