Future of Space Tourism

Space travel was once the sole domain of well-trained astronauts and multi-millionaires, yet that paradigm has changed in recent times. Virgin Galactic has already created a program where any person can pay $250,000 to travel to space, yet in the future, as competition in the space tourism industry grows, commercialized space travel will become much more accessible and inexpensive.

Future of Education – Massive Open Online Courses

The trend in education has been towards Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) – free, online courses taught by university professors consisting of video lectures, online quizzes, etc. With the importance of education growing daily, MOOCs will greatly increase the overall state of education, especially concerning people who lack access to higher-level education normally.

Future of Agriculture – Precision Agriculture

The future of agriculture rests in “Precision Agriculture” – that is, using satellite tracking technology to ensure optimal crop health and growth. Ultimately, the goal is to define a “Decision Support System” for farm management, thereby optimizing the input to yield ratio. As global population levels continue to increase, space will continue to decrease, thus galvanizing a more efficient approach to sustaining the population: Precision Agriculture.

Future of Medicine – Super-Personalized Treatments

With recent advents in stem cell technology, doctors have started to trend towards developing individualized treatments for patients based on their DNA. Individualized treatments will range from things as simple as better diets to personalized medical processes to unique prescription medicines. In the future, these technologies will be integrated into the preventative process to acknowledge each individual’s specific needs, such as clothes that monitor heart rate and “pocket DNA tests.”