Future of Architecture – Taller, Self-Sufficient, Mobile Buildings

In the future, urban areas will have severe space limitations as populations increase, and buildings will have no choice but to go up, rather than out. The sky will literally be the limit for buildings, which will not only be taller but also flexible and hold many purposes, such as water collection and purification and will be self-sufficient with green power. These buildings may contain microcosms of entire cities, with housing, office space, grocery stores, etc. Look out Empire State Building!


Future of Gaming – Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is the vanguard of the future of video gaming – a headset designed for immersive gaming. Gamers will plunge into their gaming experience, with full visual and audio engagement. With this advancement, virtual reality will take on a new meaning, with gamers literally feeling like they are someplace else. The current cost is $300.00 – relatively affordable considering the prices of the mainstream gaming systems. As the business grows, the makers will perfect the virtual gaming experience even more and create full virtual gaming.

Future of Creative Design – The Form 1 3D Printer

People have always had ideas. And people will continue to have ideas. Imagine a future where everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit has the capability to turn these ideas into solid products – not only just create but mass produce. The future of creative design will skyrocket. Now with more people able to invent and produce, we will see not only more new products but most likely different kinds of products, left only to the imagination of all individuals worldwide.

The Future of Education