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Innovation at the Speed of Light

The energy of Hot Matter animates large companies, small businesses, and solo operators. Take the case of Dennis Chamberlain. As a Dallas CPA, Chamberlain spent 20 years serving a diverse clientele ranging from low-income people to small businesses…

BigBelly Solar Compactor Is One Of The Latest Innovative Green Product Designs That Help Us Manage And Conserve Precious Resources

Solar Trashcans Are Phat In a single year, Americans put over 251 million tons of trash to rest into landfills across the country. While this number alone is staggering, the actual amount of waste that is…

Green Technologies Spawn Important New Product Design Innovation

Chalkeeper’s reusable chalk marks important advancement in planet earth conservation and new generation of innovative product designs. Here at Hot Matter, we’re sure we are not the only ones who’ve noticed the rapid advancement of green…

Bio Technology Innovation – A DNA Modifed Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Latest Innovation in Biotechnology Spurs Innovative Product Design Juices At first glance, it may look like a common apple, but upon closer inspection and a bite, you’ll realize that it is a different kind of apple. A day after eating…