Green Technologies Spawn Important New Product Design Innovation

chalk keeper

Chalkeeper’s reusable chalk marks important advancement in planet earth conservation and new generation of innovative product designs.

Here at Hot Matter, we’re sure we are not the only ones who’ve noticed the rapid advancement of green technologies over the past few decades. Green technologies and their steady stream of innovative new products highlight an important new dimension of our incredible human journey – a dedicated movement among organizations, businesses and individuals combined to behave as responsible stewards of planet earth.

From DIY home solar panel kits to luxury hybrid sports cars, a wide range of environment-friendly products and services are available to most anyone interested in reducing his carbon footprint. ‘No’, you may be thinking, ‘not true, what about my fifth grade English teacher? She loves her chalkboard way too much, she’ll never innovate!’

Innovative Product Design
But now even the most traditional conservation junkie can hop on the green wagon. The Chalkeeper is a nifty little blackboard eraser that transforms irritating chalk dust debris into brand new pieces of chalk, perfect for any modern day, old-school diehard. And one other great product benefit we haven’t mentioned – this product innovation takes us from “dust to no dust” so it even tidies up the air and the floor around the board. Chalk it out!

chalk keeper

The Incredible Human Journey
Chalkeeper is yet another wonderful example, as small as it may be, of how we are committing ourselves to more resposnsible behaviors. Many of the world’s largest companies now have “green” or “sustainability” principles as part of their corporate manifestos that partially govern R&D,  manufacturing and product development.

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