Innovation in Biotechnology – Genetically Altered Silkworms May Spin Hot New Market

Innovative Product Design Solutions
Talk about innovative product design solutions! Wow, continuing advances in biotechnology, and specifically, DNA modifications of earthly creatures and plants opens a world of possibilities. Read ob to see how squishy silk worms can be used for product design innovation.

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Silky New Innovation in Biotechnology
One innovation in biotechnology recently caught my attention. Apparently there is no end to what DNA modifications will accomplish. A few years from now, DEA drug raiders and SWAT team members may be protected by bulletproof vests made of spider silk thanks to an emerging innovation in biotechnology. No, this isn’t just a fantasy spun by the Broadway version of Spider Man. Read on…

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steel Mushy Silk Worms Darlings of Innovation in Biotechnology
If you’ve seen a gossamer spider web stretched between two shrubs early one morning, it may seem like a pretty fragile, temporary creation. Actually, it’s an illustration of new innovation in biotechnology that may be here to stay. In reality, spider silk is truly tough stuff. It’s got a tensile strength equal to that of high-grade steel while only being one-fifth as dense, and it can stretch up to 1.4 times its relaxed length without breaking.

So, if you’re a fan of Hot Matter innovation, you might be thinking: Hmm. Wonder what we could do with this intriguing substance?

Alas, spiders in the real world just don’t make a great deal of the silk fibers. That’s why the biotech firm Sigma Life Science plans on developing genetically-modified silkworms that will produce spider silk for use in commercial applications.

Such as? Well, besides the bulletproof vests noted above, spider silk could be used in applications such as sutures, tendon and ligament repair, and automobiles.

Naturally, this innovation in biotechnology got us Hot Matterites to thinking about extensions of this idea. What other creatures could be genetically modified to produce useful goods? How about a new kind of flexible, fabric like sunglasses

Product Design Innovation
Or a more interesting question might be how can our silk worm darlings be employed for more exciting product design innovation. What new product ideas can you think of? Gwyneth Paltrow fashions perhaps? If you are anything like Gwyneth, you may need some protection. Building a light weight, tall wall maybe? Between Texas and Mexico. Would you like that? How about a new type of silky fashion sunglasses, made of a flexible fabric that doesn’t break if you sit on them. It wont tear. Or you can fold them up and put it in your pocket. Gwyneth may like this one.

The DNA of this Innovation:
What are the most prominent DNA strands that make it possible for this genetically altered silkworm product design innovation to have potentially huge impact on the future of steel and all other strong things?

Answer: Ingredients and Aesthetics

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