Innovations Consulting

Our affiliate company ConsumerDNA is an innovations insights consultancy. We use several unique consumer insights methods to uncover and create new product and services ideas and we also leveraging the trends and emerging technologies we track through Hot Matter.

ConsumerDNA achieves Next Generation Product Development utilizing several unique insights methods including:

1. Forensic consumer psychology to uncover passions, fears and desires that drive the need for new products.

2. Psychoanalytic techniques to understand the needs and motivations driving the decision making and consumption process.

3. A new consumer value equation that we use to measure the relative value of new products and assess what makes them different from existing products.

4. In-market purchase and acquisition of innovative new products – so they can be evaluated in physical detail by our clients to dissect their actual technological and value profile.

5. Cross-category pollination studies, using the Hot matter database, to determine how innovation in one category can be applied to innovation in other categories.

Our services include the development of new product ideas and concepts. Concepts are produced as text descriptions, Photoshop illustrations, or in video format.

Visit ConsumerDNA for more information about our innovations insights and consulting services.