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Have you noticed the stream of new innovative products pouring into stores near you! Innovative products are constructed from a unique combination of Innovation DNA elements.

Check out the DNA of Innovation a little further. The Innovation DNA elements are – technique, architecture, aesthetics, information, digits, ingredients, and people. This is the new product design palette. All innovative product designs stem from some combination of these seven strands. You can use this palette to create new products or as a way to understand exactly what it is you love about your favorites.

Innovative Product Design Solutions
I’m going to my kitchen now to find a real example of innovative product design. I’ve opened my own Hot Matter eyes. I’ll be back in just a minute.

I’m looking for Hot Matter innovation with my Hot Matter eyes.

Oh good, you’re still here. Thank you for waiting.

mccormicks pepperAh ha!!! I have found one. McCormick’s Black Pepper Corn Grinder. This has been around for a few years but I have always been impressed.

This gets my Hot Matter innovation seal of approval. Fresh pepper corns, in a small easily stored container, with built in grinder. Wow, fresh black pepper with every meal!!! AND, you can change the coarseness of the grind… all in the built in grinder. That’s amazing McCormick. I’d say you used several of the DNA elements to your advantage in this new product design, namely – ingredients (yeah, fresh whole pepper corns), technique (wow, how about the built in grinder), and architecture (check out the design and construction of the package). Way to go McCormick!!

The DNA of this Innovation:
What are the most prominent DNA strands that make it possible for this McCormick product design innovation to have potentially huge impact on the future of eating in almost every household in the world?

Answer: Architecture, Technique, Aesthetics, and Ingredients

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