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kickstarter Product Design Innovation Gets Big Boost from Kickstarter
Creative people have always sought financial backing for their innovative product designs. Renaissance painters and English playwrights had wealthy patrons who would support them; today, many artists, filmmakers and the like seek grants from governments or philanthropic foundations. Now, an innovative new company has come up with another way of funding innovative product designs and entry to the marketplace.

Recently, an actor friend of mine had one of his plays accepted in a national contest. It was an honor, but the competition was a thousand miles away, and his small acting troupe lacked the money for travel, hotels, costumes, etc. In the past, my friend might have had to abandon his dream, but instead, he turned to, which  connects needy product designers with potential contributors.

Every month, thousands of Kickstarter donors – mostly ordinary folks, not wealthy types – pledge millions of dollars to projects in film, art, technology, publishing, design and more. And here’s an important distinction: The creators retain full control of their projects. If the needed money isn’t raised within the allotted time, the offer expires and the contributors owe nothing.

So, if you’ve got a great idea that deserves to become a reality, post a pitch at and see what happens. Good luck!

The DNA of this Innovation:
What are the most prominent DNA strands that make it possible for this Kickstaarter product design innovation to have potentially huge impact on the future of entrepreneurialism?

Answer: People, Information, and Digits

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