Product Innovation Powers Powerless Indian Village

chandrakant singh Skype Product Design Innovation Creates Remote World Class School to “Educate, Enlighten, Empower and Emit.”
A 36-year old Indian innovator named Chandrakant Singh has pulled off an educational miracle in the underdeveloped Eastern state of Bihar.

Singh, an R&D researcher and innovative product design specialist for General Motors in Bangalore, vowed to provide “world-class, technology-enabled education” to the children of Chamanpura, the village in which he was born. Like generations of students before him, Singh completed primary school by the light of a kerosene lamp; the village to this day has no electricity.

But he refused to let poverty and isolation conquer the children’s hopes. Encouraged by Surya Narayan, dean of the Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay, Singh crafted a 100-page business plan and emailed it to 3,000 friends, eight of whom agreed to fund the ambitious project.

indian village kids

Today, the children of Chamanpura use computers as they learn algebra, chemistry, physics and other subjects via Skype from teachers hundreds of miles away. The power they use is produced by two large generators. It’s the first step in Singh’s blueprint for a 30-acre campus to be completed over 10 years, including a school, an engineering college and an R&D center.

Singh’s victory for the children proves once again that the innovative forces of Hot Matter are available to use in the most unlikely environments. Just imagine what innovations these newly “empowered” students will produce! Who could have imagined what the the Skype product innovation would mean to our most remote settlements and the people who live there?!

chandrakant and students

Source: The Better India, The Light of Bihar: Chandrakant Singh, Tithiya Sharma May 9, 2011

The DNA of this Innovation:
What are the most prominent DNA strands that make it possible for this Skype product design innovation to have potentially huge impact on the future of India?

Answer: People, Information, Digits, and Technique

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