“Spray-On Skin” Innovation Another New Biotechnology Triumph

New Spray-On Skin Product Innovation – Another Leap Forward In Our Incredible Human Journey
A pioneer in skin cell transplant technology has made significant strides with an innovative process that helps burn victims recover faster with greatly reduced scarring.  This is yet another amazing triumph within the field of Biotechnology.  There appears to be nothing modern medicine can’t achieve as one incredible medical product design innovation after another makes its way onto the human stage and further accelerates an already accelerating curve in our incredible human journey.

dr fiona wood Dr. Fiona Wood, Director of the West Australian Burns Service and co-founder/Director or Clinical Cell Culture Ltd., drew worldwide attention in the wake of the terrorist attack in Bali when her “spray-on skin” method saved many of the victims’ lives. Her innovation, called CellSpray, works by greatly speeding up the burn victim’s skin healing process, especially in the most traumatic cases.

Much of the work surrounding CellSpray is proprietary information, but it’s known that the process uses an aerosol delivery system to apply cultured skin-cell suspensions to large wounds or burns. The new cells are taken from the patient rather than a donor, so the body accepts the cells as its own, making the healing process go faster. In the past, skin culturing techniques required 21 days to produce enough cells to cover major burns. Dr. Wood’s technique cuts the time to five days. The faster a wound heals, the less scarring is left behind.

Because heavy scarring from burns can leave people disfigured for life, Dr. Wood’s amazing innovation will be welcomed by people around the world. Her work will literally give burn victims a new lease on life.

Dr. Wood’s Spray-On Skin product design innovation - yet another leap forward in our incredible human journey.

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