The Genesis of Hot Matter

Welcome to Hot Matter!

We invite you to join us in our quest to explore and document perhaps the most incredible chapter ever in the human journey. Due to an early 21st Century phenomenon we call Hot Matter, new forms of innovation now pervade the worlds of business, technology, art, religion, sports and more. Most importantly, this accelerating curve of human creativity and invention allows us to lead richer lives and propels us even further into new states of being.

I am Mike Kassab. Much of my working life has been in the field of innovation, uncovering the next big thing–helping companies create products, services and solutions that work in the marketplace. There is more about me here if you are curious.

The Genesis of Hot Matter
The Hot Matter innovations phenomenon has been unleashed by four powerful synergistic forces: information, knowledge, technology, and design capabilities.

Hot Matter has manifested itself in an open-source knowledge base replete with new resources, tools and techniques that support new-to-world creations. This knowledge base is readily accessible by all businesses and individuals who want to add value through creation, and they can now do so in many different forms not possible before.

Ultimately, it all results, most simply put, in “new ways of being and doing” in business and in life.

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This blog will explore and document the Hot Matter phenomenon as it is unfolding, and help you understand and profit from the new forces of innovation. So check back often.

Thank you for joining us in the Hot Matter cause – to explore and document the next chapter of the human journey!

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