The iForce Book

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The Accelerating Curve of Human Innovation
The coming release of iForce will mark a new era of thinking about innovation as almost a “living phenomenon” – a new force or energy that is transforming the global economy, businesses, consumer markets, product design, and all of us as individuals.

iForce will reveal new insights into the driving forces of today’s innovation – what innovation is, how to use it effectively for creating value, and how the current stream of innovation is creating an extraordinary array of new opportunities not only for businesses but also for individuals who want to change the course and nature of their lives.

In one section, we map the compounding impact of innovation on life and business through real people who are leading the way, like millions of others, in this new era of innovation. We call this section the Hobbyist, the Entrepreneur and the Catalyst. Each plays an important role in the new global fabric of life and business.

In another section we call “Edge of the Future” we will lead you through dynamic developments that are shaping not only our style of living but us as human beings – how we think and behave, our evolving skills and capabilities, our hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future.

iForce will equip business managers with new 21st Century frameworks for innovation strategy, new product design, and assessing the value of new innovation to consumers.

But most of all, iForce is about discovery – new discoveries that will change your way of thinking about innovation and how to use it to achieve your goals. Some of the more notable discoveries that will be published in the book include:

1. The DNA of Innovation

2. The new consumer innovation value equation

3. New product design principles

4. Emerging technologies that are shaping our future

5. A new cadre of innovators who are shaping our world

6. Emergence of a new micro-economic paradigm – how markets are created

7. New opportunities for both businesses and individuals

Perhaps most compelling aspect of the book is how we uncover and define an exciting new opportunity – how today’s innovation has opened the door in the U.S. and across the world to claim yet another victory in the human journey and another victory for the free-market world.

The ability to shape our future has never been greater; nor has the opportunity to drive our economic fortunes to the positive. We must grasp this opportunity – identify new technologies, leverage them to create new businesses, and promote them globally.

The opportunity is here and now.